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Cooper Chapel African Methodist Episcopal was organized under the pastorate of the Reverend J. A. Boyd in 1907 on Lincoln Heights Street in Bristow, OK. The organization took place in a residence. Later the worshipers were permitted to use the school for church services. Cooper Chapel was named after the  Ed Cooper family who were among those who organized the church. Others among the organizers were the William Jackson family, Mr. J.H. Wolf, Mr. and Mrs. J. S Stokes, and the Tallefero family. The membership worshiped in the school building for several years. The membership grew larger and larger each year. A site was purchased and a building erected at the present location of 600 North Chestnut Street. Bristow, Oklahoma.

Record show some of the early  of the church as, the Hicks, Ponds, Bagleys, Bruners  and  numerous past Lincoln School Alumni. The Reverends  Early and C.N.Austin were among the first pastors and The Reverend was one of the first Presiding Elders

” And we built upon the foundation of the Apostles an Prophets,  Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone. Ephesians 2:20

Cornerstone History






PASTOR: Reverend F. F. ROPER


Pastoral Charge Dates

Some planted , some watered, and God gives the increase——-


Rev. S.L. McCain 2/24/18 5/5/18
Rev. Peter Coleman 5/19/18 12/15/18
Rev.R.G. Washingtom 1/16/19
Rev. R. Herleurtis 1/2/21
Rev. W.M.Stanley 1/9/21 5/2221
Rev. R. H. Curtis 6/5/21 11/11/23
Rev. J. W. Dixon 11/18/24 9/20/26
Rev. James L. Whorton 2/20/27 10/30/27
Rev. F. F. / Roper 11/20/27 5/14/29
Rev. W. C. Watts 1933
Rev. A. E. Hubbard 10/11/34 12/19/35
Rev.W. A. Lee 10/20/35 11/17/35
Rev. B. M. McIbtosh 10/25/36 10/24/37
Rev. G. H. Burton 10/31/37 10/16/38
Rev. J. A. Jackson 10/23/38 12/17/39
Rev.J. V. Todd 1/23/44
Rev. J. M. Granberry 3/1145 11/11/45
Rev. O. H. Hamilton 1/8/50 10/22/50
Rev. W. M. Tilford 10/29/50 4/18/51
Rev. Stokes 7/15/51
Rev. Blowery 7/29/51
Rev. S,C. Slaughter 4/13/51 6/19/55
Rev. Harding 7/3/55 10/9/55
Rev. Durant 7/31/55 8/7/55
Rev. Stewart 1/21/56 5/12/59
Rev. Noah Roland 11/57
Rev. Paul Harris 11/6/58 10/9/60
Rev. E. C. Ryan 10/23/60 10/7/62
Rev. John Whitmore 10/21/62 9/22/63
Rev. T. H. Henderson 10/23/63 1/18/64
Rev. E. D. Johnson 12/20/64 9/26/65
Rev. J. T. McClough 11/14/65
Rev. James F. Adams 1/7/68 11/15/70
Rev. T. C. Owens 11/22/70 10/3/71
Rev. B. M. Bennett 10/17/71 6/25/72
Rev. R. S. Smith 7/23/72 6/17/73
Rev. W. S. Davis 6/24/73
Rev. N. Roland 11/25/73 9/8/74
Rev. L. E. Winrop 9/15/74
Rev. Johnnie Jones 2/9/75 5/11/75
Rev. Price
Rev. L. B. Watson 5/15/81 10/21/84
Rev. Lonnie Johnson 10/28/84 9/15/85
Rev. Blanton Bennett 9/25/85 9/13/87
Rev. Orell Riley 9/27/87 6/9/91
Rev. P. R. Wainwright 6/30/91 11/5/95
Rev. Mamie Frazier 11/19/95 1997
Rev. Orell Riley 1997 2002
Rev.Adre L. Avery 12/2002 9/9/07
Rev. Ryan Blair 12/30/07 9/6/08
Rev. William Irby 9/13/09 8/1/10
Rev. Patricia Carter 8/8/10 9/25/11
Rev. Orell Riley 11/6/11 12/5/12
Rev. Ouida ParksPierson !2/12/12 11/6/15
 Rev. Billy C. Counter  11/6/15  Present


If you recognize any of these pastors as your ancestors or relatives please let hear from you it would be a delight.